My good friend once told me, Nothing takes a short amount of time. It would take me 15 minutes to blow my nose. You can never assume that something will only take a little time.

I was thinking about this when I was getting ready to write this blogpost. It doesn’t hardly take any time to take care of all the things it takes to be pregnant at work.

All those little details. Like getting the paperwork for this and that. And handing off your usual projects to someone else while you are going to be gone.

But all those things don’t just HAPPEN.

Early in my career I had to take a work trip to Washington DC to make sure that an AV cart was set on a platform–a ‘riser.’

I didn’t have to lift it. The platform had already been delivered. It was my job to make sure the strong men from the mail room lifted the cart with the TVs on it and set it on the platform. And to make sure it didn’t come unplugged while it was being moved.

I was delighted to visit the capital. And amazed at the ridiculousness of this task. Really? A person had to be given this responsibility?

Now I understand why in a way I didn’t then.

All these little things, if they are important and somebody cares about them, have to be handled.

Who cares about your pregnancy as it affects your career?

You do. More than anybody else.

So. Make a plan.

This is important. Get some help. I’ve got exactly the plan to help you make sure this is handled.