work with me murphy daley pregnant professional maternity coaching working mothers Hi, I’m Murphy!

Entrepreneur, author, mother, and founder of The Pregnant Professional.

I’ve been writing for as long I can remember.

A born-and-raised small town Alaska girl on a quest for truth, happiness and adventure, I moved to Russia when I was 18 as a missionary and teacher of the English language. After 2 years at the Russian American School, I traveled back to the U.S. and ended up in California to attend college. Never imagining that my life would be interesting to others, I submitted an essay to a writing contest in my (much-delayed) senior year. Not only did I win the humor and satire prize, I discovered my voice.

It was the mid-’90s in Silicon Valley, and I was in the heart of where the region’s most prestigious venture capital firms are based, and where countless entrepreneurs’ dreams are made reality. I began my foray into AV technology and video conferencing, then moved to the Foothills of Los Angeles where I met my husband and started a family.

After several short-term corporate AV management jobs and the frustration of trying to balance my professional life with motherhood and family, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was an asset, not a liability. I created the Pregnant Professional to give other working mothers and pregnant women the support they need to fulfill their potential and advance in both their professional and personal lives—according to our own individual definition of success.