I have said this here before. I am a workaholic in recovery.

I’m kind of kidding. And mostly not. I was definitely in the throes of this problem when I was pregnant.

Part of my mindset at that time meant putting off anything I might need, want or have to do if I thought it might make me a better employee if I didn’t do it.

What would my boss want? What might my customers need?

I couldn’t possibly make plans or commit to things if there was a chance that my job needed something from me.

What that meant is that I missed out on a lot of baby-related things I might otherwise have enjoyed.

It was hard for me when I was home with my newborn. I wanted to be at work doing more interesting things.

I did cut my leave short a little because i was so bored.

I wish I had prepared better. I wish I’d known how to enjoy my time.

In the end, that is what The Pregnant Professional is all about. I wrote it out, so that you can have a better experience than i did.

You can benefit from what I wish I’d done.