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Month: May 2017

Good Advice On an Awkward Question

  • From Callista Gould, the Good Manners Goddess

What if you get, “The Illegal Question” in an interview?

It’s usually directed at women: “Are you married? Do you or will you have kids?”

The question behind the question: “Will you be coming late and bolting early for school programs, teacher conferences, medical issues and sports?” (more…)

A Nice Gesture

For my pregnant professional tribe, there is a small bit of news.

A very frequent flier who was pregnant called to ask if she could get an extension on her Elite flyer status with her airline. She knew she would be staying home with her newborn.

Alaska airlines just announced they WOULD extend for her and for all parents of newborns.

I take two lessons from this. Good for you, Alaska Airlines.

And way good for the mom who asked for accommodation. This is exactly the sort of confidence I encourage you all to have regarding your pregnancy.


Military Moms

One of the challenges I see for women becoming mothers in the workplace is in fields that are so dominated by males.

And of fields dominated by males, I think the military wins. Oh my goodness. I can’t think of a bigger hurdle for women than that one. (more…)