While a woman is pregnant, she can feel different because of how her body is changing. But she is still herself! Maternity pants are part of that.

Some women have told me “I don’t think I own a dress.”

I like dresses. But some women live in pants. And that’s not likely to change because of pregnancy.

There are a number of pants that are important:

  • Jeans
  • Work pants
  • Yoga/stretch pants
  • Capri pants

All those choices can be found in maternity styles. The  main difference between “regular” and “maternity” pants is  usually the waistline. The rest of the body is also growing, so maternity pants should allow for more room in the derrière and thighs. Your results may vary. But almost all maternity pants have a stretchy panel that allows the belly room to grown and won’t constrict on that sentive area. This stretchy panel is usually not the same fabric as the rest of the pants.

What this means is, your shirts will not be tucked in. They have to hang over your stomach and float somewhere around crotch level, maybe a little above or below. Some stretchy shirts might cling to the stomach curve , but they also will be following the lines down to the crotch level.

But back to pants.

Jeans deserve their own place in the pants pantheon. I have written a separate post about maternity jeans. Especially for American women, jeans are important and for a pants woman deserve consideration in their maternity wardrobe

This site is called Pregnant Professional, so work pants are a focus here. For office jobs, work pants often mean suit material. Wool, crisp polyester, or linen are very serious work candidates. For men, the Docker’s style chinos have become ubiquitous. Women can also wear light cotton twill chinos and be perceived as professional.

I have seen Yoga work pants advertised, but I’ve never tried them. Yoga stretch pants are great for home wear, not necessarily for work. However, some women live in their yoga pants, and they are stretchy and comfortable, so perfect for pregnancy wear. These might be the best thing for your pregnant body.

For warmer temperatures Capri pants can be great for work. These pants are called different things, but I’m talking about pants which end just below the knee, leaving your calves open to the air.

Since your body is expanding, pants might get caught between your thighs in ways you have not experienced before. Be aware of how the pants feel on your body as you move, so that you will feel comfortable and confident in the ones you choose.