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Month: December 2017

Pregnant Belly

It surprised me to discover that for the first several months of pregnancy my stomach didn’t get much bigger. At first my pregnant belly didn’t look that much different.

What I did notice was that it was more sensitive. When I’m not pregnant, I zip up my jeans tight. I’m used to the waistband fitting snug on my middle. When I was first pregnant, I couldn’t tolerate that pressure. They pants fit the same, but I undid the button and wore long shirts to cover that it was open. (more…)

Maternity Leave Letter

After I discovered I was pregnant, it was a big deal to decide who I should tell and when. Who would be most excited for me? Who could give me support and advice?

As a professional woman, I also knew that I had to tell my boss and my coworkers. It’s such a personal piece of information, letting everyone know that I was pregnant. And also, it felt weird to be asking for special concessions. (more…)

Maternity Jeans – Should You Invest?

I’ve heard it said that only Americans can wear jeans. We invented them after all. Something about how people from other countries wear their jeans seems off.

Don’t get me wrong, everybody has their own way to wear a pair.

Jeans are so iconic. And for some women, their jeans are part of their identity. Whether you wear jeans because they feel casual and like you are ready to get some work done, or if you wear jeans because you want to say who you are a nonconformist, your own jeans can be part of how you walk in the world. (more…)