What is a movement? Do we all have to march? Maybe.

A movement can also be women standing their ground, elegantly assuming their right. One after another, taking their stance, doing their bit for themselves, their family and YES, their sisters until it the old ways are regarding as unbelievable

It was August 1920 -almost a hundred years ago– that women in America got the right to vote. They fought and marched and protested.

There are similarities.The maternity leave landscape in America is unfriendly. It’s not clear and its not dignified.

I wrote my book and started this program because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

It’s ridiculous that things are so confusing. It’s absurd how women have to second guess our values about what we want.

It’s time for an upgrade. It is time to empower women at this most vulnerable point in our lives, when we are doing so much. How did it become okay to abandon working women when they most need a guide?

There are nearly universal principles for what to look for on the pregnancy-at-work journey.

I share them in this course, and you can benefit from the clarity and accessbility.

Yes, it’s the right thing for you to be supplied with this information. It’s the right thing for you, and the right thing for your family.


It’s the right thing for women everywhere. No, it’s the right thing for humanity. The whole world is a better place when women have access to opportunity and expression.

That’s what this course is about.

Empowering a movement that benefits EVERYONE.