You know what I love about being a working mother?

The independence. Yes, I can make my own way in the world. I can provide what I want without asking permission.

My destiny takes hard work but it’s mine. I’m steering. I made the choices along the way to get the skills to be able to make money.

That’s what I’m celebrating this Independence Day.

So happy for all my tribe who knows how to steer their  own ship even through rocky waters.

When (not if…let’s be real) my husband and I have struggles, I can be real with him. When my options go  up to and including stepping  away from the relationship means I don’t have to to hold back from saying how I feel and what I need.

It’s very real when I know my value. I know I have the keys in my hand.

And when my boss treats me with disrespect, I can be present and not afraid, because I know my value.

A job is like a bus. Miss one and the next will be along in a minute. I have my ticket to ride.

I’m so proud of the independence I have earned. I’m FIERCELY proud of the women I know who have done the same.

And when we know, when we are strong and secure, and we can speak the truth, the world gets to be so much better off.

We are better off.

Our children are better off.

Our partners are better off.

Our workplace is better off.


Thank you, my professional female tribe!

You are making the world a better place