It’s hard for me to ask for accommodation. I always want to muscle through. Oh my gosh! I will muscle my way through a lot of dumb stuff.

When I was pregnant, I finally gave myself a little permissions to ask for help. At least, when it came to lifting heavy things.

I just found this lovely site:

They have 6 tips on kinds of accommodations for pregnant women

  • Sitting, instead of standing, during the workday
  • Carrying a water bottle
  • Taking more frequent breaks to use the restroom, to have a snack, or to rest
  • Receiving assistance with heavy lifting
  • Working a modified or part time schedule
  • Taking leave

Sometimes it helps to know what is on the menu of choices. I see women ask what they have to do in their workplace when they are pregnant. So many times, women ask from fear. What is allowed? Is it ok?

You are allowed to take care of yourself. It’s always ok.