I was listening to an interview with Seth Godin (okay, re-listening). He was talking about his book Tribes.

I’ve read the book before, and I really think I need to revisit it.

He talks about how a tribe forms around the interests and likes and dislikes that a group of people share.

When it comes to my tribe here at the Pregnant Professional, I know this tribe is about ambition and drive. My life is about goals and pushing, progress and achievement.

I remember several years ago, when I had hit a wall at work. I was really feeling it, and i was sitting under a tree on a corporate business park bench. I was really close to tears.

….tears at work are always tears of frustration…

a lovely woman was passing by and she listened to my quick recap of my frustrations. She said “I’ve never wanted to get a promotion at work. I just came to work, and eventually someone would ask me if I wanted to do more.”

I didn’t even know that was possible. It is NOT how I view my career. I have so much more drive than that. It’s not in my nature to sit and wait.

When I think about my tribe, I know that this lovely woman is not a part of my tribe.

Here at The Pregnant Professional, we are more driven and ambitious than that. We are hungry.

We do not let time pass like that.

We have dreams and goals. And we move toward them.

Even if we are waddling.

This is what it means to be a Pregnant Professional. We are not content.