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I got to go to a birthday party this weekend. My daughter’s best friend’s younger sister was turning three.

I love this family’s parties. They invite so many people! There were newborns and great grandmothers.

Brothers and sisters and cousins and childhood friends and new friends–like me–were altogether eating cake and drinking sodas.

LIttle Miss Three was handing out ring pops like a queen dispensing largess.

All these people getting together to support one another touched me.

I don’t throw parties very often, and I don’t think I have that span of ages.

It’s a rich heritage to have people who remember you. And people that can give you advice and help you out when you aren’t sure what to do.

My friend has a a support network like that. I am lucky enough to be part of it.

Others don’t have that kind of network. And even if some of us do have a wide circle of people we could reach out to, we might not have the right sort of people to ask specific things.

Time changes what the cultural norms are.

My mother’s experience of working while pregnant was not the same as mine. She had a different kind of job, a different sort of boss.

For women in this new era, with new norms and expectations, I created the Pregnant Professional. This is meant to be a place where advice and reassurance can be found, in the moment of pregnancy during your career.