I had a great conversation today with a newly pregnant friend. She’s young, and is still working to attain her university education goals. We were talking about how it’s not very clear what it takes to get the sort of education a person wants. Equally important, it’s not easy to tell how to pay for it.

We couldn’t help but compare the bureaucracy of the education system with the confusion of trying to figure out what resources are available to help you when you’re pregnant.

She said sure, you can go to the Internet. And there is so much information it’s overwhelming. How would I know what’s true? How do I know if I’m being taken advantage of, or lied to? It is SO REASSURING to know that I have the Pregnant Professional handbook to refer to. It’s short and clear.

Nowhere else can you get this resource.

In this program, in this slim guide, you can hold confidence in your hands.

Because people are just like the Internet. Everybody has an opinion. And even if they are well intentioned, they are speaking from their set of priorities.

For the women who are Pregnant Professionals, we know what we want. We have a vision of who we are and what we want our lives to be.

It’s ours. And thank you very much for your help, but we are going to make our own decisions.

The Pregnant Professional program is here to clear the noise and give each woman the power and the confidence to look over her options, examine her choices, and make decisions that work for her.

I believe in you, Pregnant Professional woman. I believe in your ability to make the right choices for you and your family. It’s my goal to help you towards your potential and be happy. And having the right information is a great start.