When the best choice for your growing family is for YOU to have a job and keep it, this program is for you.

I am so glad you are here!

Take a deep breath and let it out. Relax. This is what you are looking for.

The Pregnant Professional was created to give ambitious women the roadmap and tools to know what to do, what to be ready for, and what to expect while working pregnant.

It’s often hard to regain confidence in your professional skills and abilities, and the value you have to offer when you’re having to miss work for multiple doctor’s appointments, or you’re experience morning sickness, fatigue and brain fog. Once back at work, you may also lack the necessary support to effectively manage your dual work and family roles, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and as though you’re not doing well enough in either.

Your priorities and definition of success can radically change throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

The Pregnant Professional is here to equip you with the tools and encouragement you need to support yourself and be confident in your decisions while you navigate your pregnancy and re-entry back to work.

Here’s what you’ll receive from the program:

  • A full roadmap
  • An eagle eye view of what to expect
  • Confidence when dealing with boss and coworkers
  • Unbiased view on how to choose childcare
  • Powerful tools to help for those who choose to breastfeed
  • Guilt killing tools to use on your return to work
  • All in a judgment-free zone!

Like you, I was in career mode and got pregnant. I created the Pregnant Professional program to give clear answers to the questions ambitious women have while on the job.

Being a planner, I asked my HR department for their maternity packet explaining what to expect. I found a secretive morass of confusing rights and responsibilities. I was shocked again and again at how tangled this process is!

It seemed more confusing than taxes. And this is our job–our livelihood and our aspirations!

I didn’t want to mess it up. I looked online for a book. There were tons of materials about health and gestation. I found precious little about my concerns, and what I found was government websites with federal and states’ rights.

I could barely believe this was the case. I learned so much in the process, and when my MBA executive friend told me she was pregnant, I knew I had to give her pointers.

I started to write an email, and realized it was too much for just an email. It needed a book.

The book is great, and got media attention. But I wanted to reach women like you directly, and give you the help you need. I would not want anyone to go through this the way I did!

I want to give the roadmap, so you can go through this with your boldest self. Your job is what you are good at! And my program can keep your confidence through this transition.

When I was young in Alaska, I didn’t know what ambition was. Women were wives and mothers. I remember telling my mom as a teenager that I wanted ten kids. If all I could do was be a mom, I was going to do it BIG.

I did get out to see the wide world and discovered how very many things I could do. As soon as I became aware of them, I was starving to try.

I still wanted to be a mom. And I wanted so much more! I wanted all of everything. Career, family, and adventure.

People did that, right? Mmmmm… not anybody I knew.

I had a motor in me. When chances came my way, I made the best of them. My career launched, and I was going somewhere.

I put off having a kid for a long time because I had a career to grow!

The Pregnant Professional Program puts you in the drivers seat where you belong. I know what brought you to your career was drive and hard work. You have a diamond in your eye, and nothing could knock you off your goal.

Motherhood comes in like a wrecking ball, heavy with other people’s expectations (not the least of which are your baby’s). It’s hard to fight back against that pressure.

The Pregnant Professional program can help you regain your self-possession during this critical and beautiful—yet often stressful—time. We’ve worked hard to get to where we are, and are going to rise even higher. It’s in our bones!

Every woman should have the opportunity to advance within their career without having to sacrifice their lifestyle and family commitments. Career and family matter.