I found this great blog post by a self-proclaimed “girl geek.” She talks about the very real circumstance of being a mom of multiple children and holding a corporate job.

As a geek, she had some good jobs at tech companies.

“Many of these companies have been offering flexible working, working from home, childcare vouchers, on site childcare and return to work support but still can’t manage to get their female staff to return.”

That’s pretty great. But, as I describe in The Pregnant Professional’s chapter “Childcare and Your Choice to Work”, it can get really real.

Once you get to more than one child the cost vs the reward of looking after your children weighed up against going back to work and what your take home pay would be really doesn’t stack up. Instead women like me who were working in the tech industry choose to find ways to make money without putting their children into childcare full time.

It’s a big decision. And finding the right place for your kids to spend their time is a HUGE deal.

However, having children doesn’t excise the ambition, does it? We still desire to make our mark in the world.

This is a real thing.