As I’ve been going about in the virtual and real world, talking to women about their career and pregnancy experience, I’m surprised to discover that pregnant women don’t talk much about their jobs.

Or maybe it’s that working women don’t talk much about their pregnancy.

I know that pregnant women work. Because women work. Somehow though, it’s not discussed so much.

I wonder if it’s because women have an internal prioritization. When discussing their pregnancy and the baby, work takes a backseat.

I always felt like I was going to do both—baby and career—full throttle. I was studying for my next certification (PMP) and passed it when I was 7 months pregnant.

Then of course, I had my child and had to recalibrate my expectations.

The timeline shifted somewhat, but not the ambition.

I wonder. Are ambitious pregnant women unwilling to come out of the closet?

It’s no secret that pregnancy and parenthood is a state which inspired a log of judgement. I can’t really blame women for keeping their peace to avoid drawing fire regarding their choices and priorities.

And still. It’s an untold story. The Department of Labor is showing that women who are mothers are even more likely than women who are not mothers to be in the workforce.

61.4% of mothers with children under the age of three are in the workforce.

I am pretty sure they were employed beforehand too.

So is it balanced that women don’t talk about their specific needs when it comes to pregnancy and career? Or is it imbalanced?

All I know for sure is, I am here to help.