Here’s the thing about being pregnant:

It is temporary. It is massively temporary. In the landscape of a woman’s whole life, a small portion of it is spent being temporary.

You know what’s NOT temporary? Being a mom. That’s a line you cross and never go back. And for most of us moms, it’s a very time-consuming status. We want to be the best moms we can be.

Two lovely women who read this blog have given birth since i started it. Funny, that. I’ve been thinking about how that’s inevitable.

I want to keep supporting you, moms. I can’t just step away. There is a whole journey of momhood I’d like to support too.

A friend of mine who is a therapist says her job is to only be there for a few months, and then her clients have gotten what they need and move on. I suppose that makes sense.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. I connect deeply with my circle.

This whole Pregnant Professional concept is about women’s full lives. Yes, we are moms. And we are broader too. We have careers and ambitions and a whole self that motherhood doesn’t touch.

SO, I plan to find a way to support that part too. After the Pregnant Professional isn’t pregnant anymore, there is still a women there. I would like to call her:

Working Wonder Mom

Because she’s working. Oh yes, she’s working. She’s a wonder woman! Wait, she’s a wonder MOM!.

She’s a wonder, like a superhero.

She’s also wondering how to make everything a little better. How to reach higher and deeper and go bigger with her ambitions, her career and her life.

I wrote this book Pregnant Professional, and created the course to help pregnant career women. I’m super proud of it.

I haven’t written a book about the HUGE area of what Working Wonder Moms have to life with as they navigate their dreams, career, and the diapers, laundry, diet and EVERYTHING of their life.

I bet I could start though. I want us to have a place and a resource to go to.

Because I’m ambitious like that.